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The song is the bone of wine, the water is the blood of wine, and the soul is the soul of wine...
Take the essence of the red dragonfly, and win the heart of the gods, so the red soul is also.
Our mission: Let the public share the taste of pure sauce white wine
Our vision: shared ownership
        ---- Consumers have health, employees have wealth, companies have development, and society has harmony.
Core values: conscience winemaking, integrity management; Chongben keeps the road, and continues to open.
Entrepreneurial spirit: self-reliance, innovation, gratitude
       ----It is not necessary to resound the slogan, but strive to be bigger and stronger, reward employees, and return to society.
Core competitiveness: quality, brand, craft, environment, humanity (respect for people, caring people, caring people)
Business philosophy: Protect Maotai, improve oneself; rational development, continue to be stronger.
Quality concept: Ningweiwu specialization, rather than lack of abuse; precipitation years, innovation.
Marketing concept: Pursue excellent quality, provide star service, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win.
Service concept: Survive by quality, promote development by service, pay attention to details, and implement it.
Talent concept: to develop talents, people and enterprises
Leadership philosophy: responsibility, above all else
Development strategy: specialization, standardization, scale and even internationalization, creating a century-old enterprise.
Product positioning: adhering to tradition, integrating fashion, pursuing individuality and satisfying demand.
Brand image: green organic, ecological health

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